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Chorlton Whisky Lluidas Vale 15 Years Old


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Brand: Chorlton Whisky
Spirit Age: 15
Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 56.2%
Spirit Style: Smoky,Sweet


Chorlton Whisky Lluidas Vale 15 Years Old Single Cask Jamaican Rum (70cl / 56.9%)

This is a single cask Jamaican rum from Worthy Park distillery.

The nose has smoky custard, green olives, black tea, bananas, shoe polish and liquorice, as well as some nice little woodsy herbal touches. The palate starts on huge sweet liquorice, lime juice and salt, before developing on plum sauce, engine oil, marmalade and tarte tatin. The finish is long and delightful, with sweet tar and tinned lychees.

This is top quality and hugely fun spirit, and not at all a bad place to start if you’re a whisky fan looking to introduce yourself to the world of rum.

This refill rum barrel was aged for 3 years in Jamaica and the remainder in Europe, producing only 177 bottles at a cask strength of 56.2%.

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