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Berry Bros & Rudd Savanna 2016


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Brand: Savanna
Spirit Age: 2016, 7
Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 65%
Spirit Style: Fruity,Spicy


Berry Bros & Rudd Savanna 2016 Red Wine Finish Reunion Island Rum (70cl / 65%)

Savanna Distillery, founded in 1870, is unusual in that it produces both Agricole and Molasses rum – the latter known as the more traditional style. Savanna’s rums are distilled in column stills with occasional exceptions. The French Savalle column stills produce heavier styles of rum with bolder flavours and often high esters. Savanna was relocated from Saint Paul to Bois-Rouge on the island of Reunion in 1992.


Tasting Notes

Spirit and wood have engaged in a dramatic tango in this rum and it’s a slow dance with the elements infusing. There is a smokiness, spice, soft vanilla and red wine scent from the glass. The spice and herb scents hit with cinnamon and a touch of fennel hidden behind ripe berry fruit. The palate has a delightfully earthy grip which has the last word.

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