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Bruichladdich Black Art Edition 10.1


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Brand: Bruichladdich
Spirit Age: 29
Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 45.1%
Spirit Style: Smoky,Spicy


Bruichladdich Black Art Edition 10.1 29 Years Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (70cl / 45.1%)

An enigmatic alchemy which relies on nature, craftsmanship and the gentle passing of time, what happens inside each cask, under the darkness of the warehouse, remains a mystery.

Black art 10 is testament to this elusive mastery. Pulling exclusively from bruichladdich distillery pre renaissance casks which have been patiently maturing on our island home for almost three decades, this finite single malt is secretly created by our head distiller, Adam Hannett.

Putting our trust in adam, he is given complete creative freedom to create this incredible whisky. With no rules and no restrictions, black art 10 is unique and unrepeatable. A chance to experiment and push the boundaries of possibility, only adam knows what has gone into crafting the precious 29 year old single malt. The barley and cask type remain a mystery, with the final recipe undisclosed.

Unpeated and matured in the finest quality oak, this tenth edition of black art is a captivating marriage of faith and ingenuity.


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Mahogany.

Aroma: Warm and inviting, a bright fruity note welcomes you. The fragrant toasted oak brings chocolate praline, cedar, leather and subtle hints of clove and nutmeg, before moving to fruit notes of sweet apricot jam, ripe melon, dark cherries and blackcurrants. There is a light touch of citrus with lemon zest and gooseberries dipped in honey, with delicate floral notes of geranium and honeysuckle balanced with a hint of iodine and leather.

Taste: Orange barley sugars, ginger nut biscuits and lemon meringue pie are followed by sweet apricot jam and marzipan. The toasted oak brings smooth chocolate and vanilla notes, beautifully complemented with syrupy fruit, raisins, plum and melon. Over time, iodine and a hint of coconut come through, with delicate oak spices of warming ginger and cinnamon. A velvet texture, the depth and balance of this single malt glides across the palate.

Finish: Tablet and smooth fudge bring a softness to the finish, while ripe soft fruits, subtle tobacco and a hint of ginger linger.

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