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Camacho ABA Toro


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Cigar Origin: Dominican Republic
Cigar Flavour: Medium
Cigar Size: Large
Cigar Length (mm): 153
Cigar Length (in): 6
Cigar Ring Gauge: 50
Brand: Camacho


Camacho American Barrel Aged Cigars delivers an American classic and we have it available on UK shores! Camacho American Barrel Aged cigars are mind blowing and we haven?t been this excited about a cigar in a long time. New innovations are seen a lot in the cigar industry. Everyone is trying to up the ante in one way or another. Some are flush and some are bust, but it never hinders manufacturers from giving it a go. But here, we have an absolute home run for team innovation. Camacho has been thinking outside the box for some time now, and with the cigar at hand, they pulled a Babe Ruth and knocked this one straight out of the park. Enter, Camacho?s newest innovation, American Barrel Aged.

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