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Davidoff Year of the Rat


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  • Product Code: AM-2650
Pack Size: Box of 10
Brand: Davidoff
Cigar Origin: Dominican Republic
Cigar Flavour: Medium
Cigar Size: Large
Cigar Length (mm): 153
Cigar Length (in): 6
Cigar Ring Gauge: 52


It is the time to pay compliments and attention to Aficionados born in the Year of the Rat. The rat is, you see, always worth listening to. Drawn towards them by their intense likeability, you will benefit from their invaluabkle observations and intuitions. Quite simply, a Rat knows. Their quick wit serves them well and is a valuable guide for others, as they sense things well before those around them. When to leave a sinking ship. Or the aroma of a fine cigar. If the Rat’s intuitions tell them a cigar is of the finest quality, the likelihood is that they will then invest in a good few boxes. This Davidoff Year of the Rat Limited Edition may be the first of many, for the Rat is a collector. A saver and a storer, the rat is unsurprisingly associated with accumulating wealth. Not just of finance but also of knowledge. Bright, optimistic and energetic, those born in the year of the rat reward those who know them and who hear their words. You are fortunate if they share their wisdom with you and even more so, if they share one of these excellent Davidoff cigars.

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