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Four Roses Single Barrel


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Brand: Four Roses
Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 50.00%


Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky (70cl / 50.0%)

Four Roses is the only Bourbon Distillery that combines 5 proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills to produce 10 distinct Bourbon Recipes, each with their own unique character, spiciness, and rich fruity flavours. All 10 of these recipes are gently aged undisturbed in new white oak barrels in one-of-a-kind single story rack warehouses. Only one is hand selected by the Master Distiller as exceptional to create the Single Barrel Bourbon.


Tasting Notes

Complex, full bodied and surprisingly smooth with a delicate long finish that’s unbelievably mellow. Contains hints of ripe plum and cherry tastes with fruity, spicy aromas including maple syrup and cocoa. Moderately woody in aroma with cocoa and maple syrup notes. The palate has hints of ripe plum and cherries, with a robust, full body that mellows to the finish.

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