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Hampden 60


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Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 60%
Brand: Hampden Estate


Hampden 60% Overproof Pure Single Jamaican Rum (70cl / 60%)

A perfect example of the High Ester Rums that Hampden Estate are renowned across the world for.

Produced from the same long, natural fermentation and traditional Pot Still marks as its 46% ABV sibling, the 60% Overproof expression displays a very bold, yet balanced character, and a powerful aromatic profile.

Full of ripe tropical fruit, phenolic notes and an underlying spice, this is a great sipping expression to sit, savour and enjoy.

Tasting Notes

Nose; Roasted banana and pineapple lead. Gentle clove and nutmeg follow, along with a touch of expressed citrus peel and candied lemon zest. Barley sugar, crunchy caramel and spun sugar develop, along with rich butterscotch.

Palate; Intense fruit: pineapple, apple, pear, mango and papaya stewed down into a thick jam. Clove and cinnamon notes build, with buttery pastry and darker notes of liquorice. There?s a gentle hint of coal smoke hiding at the bottom.

Finish; Big spice and tarred oak. That fades to reveal butterscotch and mint.

Comment; A shy nose conceals an intensely fruity palate. If you get past the fruit, there?s even more going on, with spice and some dark smokiness. A complex rum that requires more attention than the lower strength version.

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