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Hoyo de Monterrey Primavera (2020)


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Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey
Cigar Origin: Cuba
Cigar Flavour: Light
Cigar Size: Large
Cigar Length (mm): 169
Cigar Length (in): 6.625
Cigar Ring Gauge: 48


The Hoyo de Monterrey Primavera celebrates the 2021 Chinese New Year and is available in very limited quantities. It is only the second time a cigar has been released by Habanos s.a. to commemorate the festivities and follows the popular Romeo y Julieta Maravillas 8 in 2020 (Year of the Rat). Each of the 18 cigars presented in the stunning commemorative wooden lacquered boxes are dressed with a unique foot band which are branded ‘Year of the Ox’. The cigars measure 6 5/8″ (167mm) x 48 ring gauge and the size is referred to as a Hermosos No.1 in the factories of Cuba. Only 8,888 numbered boxes will be produced for global release by Habanos s.a. Hoyo de Monterrey is a light bodied Habanos brand named after a plantation in San Juan y Martinez in the heart of Vuelta Abajo. It remains one of the most famous Vegas de Primera to this day (first class tobacco fields) where somewhat fittingly for this cigar is still ploughed by oxen to this day so as not to compact the top-soil.

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