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Peterson System Pipe – Standard Ebony (305)


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Brand: Peterson


The heart of the System is the unique graduated bore in the mouthpiece. This makes the suction applied by the smoker 15 times weaker by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. The result is that all the moisture flows into the reservoir and, thus cannot reach the smoker’s mouth. The Peterson Lip further enhances the effectiveness of the graduated bore by directing the flow of smoke upwards and away from the tongue. This achieves a uniquely even distribution of smoke and virtually eliminates and chance of tongue-bite or bitterness. Furthermore, the shape is scientifically contoured so that the tongue rests comfortably in the depression under the opening. Each “P-Lip” mouthpiece is made from superior quality vulcanite. Peterson System Ebony (305); Length – 127mm, Bowl Height – 45mm, Chamber Diameter – 18mm, Weight – 47g.

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