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Puerto de Indias Strawberry


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Spirit Size: 70cl
ABV: 37.50%
Brand: Puerto de Indias


Puerto de Indias Strawberry Sevillian Gin (70cl / 37.5%)

Puerto de Indias is the original strawberry gin, infused with ripe strawberries grown in the sun-soaked Spanish region of Huelva, an area known to produce some of the best strawberries in the world. With an elegant pink hue derived from these locally-grown berries, this all-natural premium gin delivers the quintessential flavours and aromas of berry sweetness, balanced with classic wild juniper.

The production of Puerto de Indias Strawberry begins with a twice distilled neutral spirit base. Ripe strawberries from the nearby Huelva region are macerated for 48 hours in alcohol before being distilled. This process removes the colour however retains the natural flavours and aroma of the berry fruit. Each of the gin?s other botanicals which includes juniper and orange peel are then separately distilled on the estate?s original 1880s olive wood-fired copper still and blended along with the strawberry distillate. Lastly, a small amount of the macerated strawberries are added to the gin for its natural pink colour.

Tasting Notes

Nose; Strawberry and juniper with a light citrus lift.

Palate; Sweet strawberry and liquorice, balanced by lemon and juniper.

Finish; Smooth, lightly sweet finish.

Comment; This is a deliciously smooth, delicate gin, perfect for a mix of classic and contemporary cocktails. For a captivating Gin and Tonic, enjoy Puerto de Indias? perfect serve with sliced strawberries and a wedge of lime.

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