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White Spot Monkey King Pipe – Shell Briar & Sterling Silver


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Brand: Dunhill


Monkey King Pipe – Shell Briar and Sterling Silver – No. 97 / 99 – In Stock. THE MONKEY KING – JOURNEY TO THE WEST. The Monkey king or Sun Wukong in Chinese literature, is the main character of the epic novel Journey to the West. Born from a stone, the Monkey acquires supernatural powers; he can lift incredible weights, jump or travel huge distances within the blink of an eye and can transform himself into other (life) forms. His magic staff can be the size of a needle or kilometers long. Rebelling against heaven he is imprisoned by Buddha under a mountain, but later travels with the monk Xuanzang on an adventurous pilgrimage to India to retrieve Buddist sutras from there. The Monkey King pipe has been specially manufactured to celebrate the Monkey King’s epic journey to India. This pipe, a classic Bent in group 4 (4102) in Shell Briar finish, with a Sterling Silver band engraved with Monkey King and an image of the Monkey King. The Sterling Silver tamper depicts the Monkey King standing on top of a tree trunk and the book case bears his relief bust on its cover. The edition is strictly limited to 99 units world-wide (of which No.1 will be kept in Alfred Dunhill’s archive). Features; Subject ?Monkey King? – To celebrate the Monkey King’s epic journey to India. Shape – 02 – Classic Full Bent Finish Shell Briar, the famous black sandblasted finish Best-selling pipe finish Invented by Alfred Dunhill in 1917. Mouthpiece – Taper mouthpiece, individually cut, shaped, finished and fitted from black Vulcanite rod. Size – Group 4 (medium to large size). Precious Metal Band – Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver) – engraved with Monkey King. Tamper – Depicts the Monkey King standing on top of a tree trunk. Book Case – Leather covered wooden book with relief of the Monkey King on the cover. Limited Edition – Exclusive and very collectable – worldwide only 99 units Number ?1? stays in Alfred Dunhill’s archive. Certificate – Individually numbered and hand-signed.

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